A candleholder designed by Steven McNamara

Flip - accommodates
Tall candles and short tealights
Adjusts to your mood.

Comprised of two solid brass parts, this candleholder will last a lifetime. Arrange according to your taste; tall birthday candles one day, calming tea lights the next.

This product comes in a presentation box making it an ideal gift.

Height 65mm
Weight 550g
Material: Solid Brass (also available in other finishes)
This metal naturally develops a patina over time. However, should you prefer to have your piece shine, simply clean with a soft cloth and an appropriate metal polish.

This item is from a collection of playful, functional forms called Hold. Each piece accommodates a different function while maintaining the same overall shape.

Flip was launched in Maison10 in New York in December 2019.

Enquiries welcome.
More details to follow soon.

Photography by Sarah Doyle