Illuminations / National Design & Craft Gallery / Kilkenny 2023
Client: Design & Crafts Council of Ireland
Role: Curator & Exhibition Designer

Graphic Design: aad


Illuminations comprised of two exhibitions located side by side at the National Design & Craft Gallery. They were created as a feature event for DCCI Irish Design Week 2023. 

Gallery 1 featured the iconic IQ light™ system design by Holger Strøm. Gallery 2 featured artwork from Cartoon Saloon‘s Academy Award-nominated films; The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea and WolfWalkers.

Both galleries offered a unique visitor experience while maintaining a cohesive visual experience. This was achieved through a refined colour pallette which allowed the exhibition content to take centre stage, object placement which orchestrated visitor movement and optimising lighting conditions to best suit the respective content.