Ó / TENT / London Design Festival 2015
Client: Design & Crafts Council of Ireland
Role: Curator & Exhibition Designer

Graphic Design: AAD

Winner - Exhibition Design of the Year
Institute of Designers of Ireland Awards 2016

"a beautiful exhibition of some of the country’s top talents"
The New York Times Style Magazine
(12 Projects to Know from the London Design Festival)

"A definite highlight"
CNN Style

"The presentation included an impressive new selection of stone, glass, ceramics, wood and textiles from over 20 designers"
Wallpaper* Magazine

Video - The Making Of


‘Ó’, meaning ‘from’ in Irish, was an exhibition for a commercial trade show that promoted 28 Irish designers and makers.

Aimed at raising awareness for the materials that are used in the production of Irish craft; it highlighted both the time it takes for a craft object to be made, and the time it takes for the raw material to come into existence.

The goal of the exhibition was to engage buyers from high-end retail stores, as well as gain media coverage.

Exhibition Design

Two storm-felled, 150-year-old Irish beech trees were cut into planks and pulled apart to create the central display system.

Their exposed grain documented a time before any of us were born; questioning the pace at which we design and create, while acting as a backdrop that complemented the colours of the products and imbued them with a sense of raw materiality.

The design of the shelving created the immediate visual impact required to attract visitors to the stand. Simultaneously it orchestrated the arrangement of surrounding plinths and live studio spaces. When approached, the shelving bays allowed for each product to be viewed in isolation.

Designed as a modular system the shelving was easily installed, dismantled and flatpacked for shipping.