WolfWalkers: The Exhibition / Butler Gallery  / Kilkenny
Client: Butler Gallery
Role: Exhibition Designer

Curator: Anna O’Sullivan
Learning & Public Engagement Programming: Hollie Kearns
Picture Framing: Bespoke & Co
Exhibition Text: Charles Solomon
Gallery Technicians: Steven Aylin & John Whelan
Printing: The Poster Company
Joinery: Philip Murray

This exhibition was made possible by the wonderful team at Cartoon Saloon.
Artwork by Cartoon Saloon ©

RTE / Creative Ireland Feature

Virtual Tour

Click and drag for a 360 degree view and follow the paw prints to guide you through. Look out for interactive information icons and play buttons for the full virtual tour experience.


An exhibition response to four time Oscar© nominated Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon‘s film, WolfWalkers. The exhibition featured core working drawings and mixed media documenting the making of the film.

The two distinct line styles employed by Cartoon Saloon to portray the conflict between the City and Forest in the film informed the exhibition layout and design.

The City aesthetic is orthogonal and pointed whereas the Forest flows and curves. These contrasting line styles highlight the tension that exists between humans and nature, a key theme within the film.

The exhibition leads you through the City, referencing the emotions felt in the film through imposing walls and caged structures, before opening up into the Forest area.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we were unable to accommodate on site interactive elements for visitors to engage with. Instead a WolfWalkers sketchbook was designed for visitors to take home. The sketchbook encourages you to use your senses like a wolf to draw. The exhibition was laid out to facilitate a one-way visitor flow and staggered viewing times.

Click here to download a printer friendly version of the sketchbook.

This exhibition was recommissioned for The Ark in Dublin in 2023.
Photos from The Ark below.