Design Challenge / PIVOT Dublin / Wood Quay 2011
Host: Dublin City Council

Winning Team:
Steven McNamara, Iseult O’Clery, Dónal Adams, Chris Hingel & Clive Bright

Design Challenge, hosted by PIVOT Dublin in association with The Institute of Designers of Ireland, to select a team to represent Ireland at Helsinki World Design Capital.

Mission Statement

The everyday can seem boring... after all, it happens “everyday.” It’s easy for the details to get lost, to fade away, to become a stationary backdrop which we brush past on our daily journeys. But by letting this happen, we could possibly be missing out on a wealth of details, forms, textures and stories that shape our existence. How can we bring these back into focus? The everyday doesn’t need enrichment, it’s our awareness that needs improvement.

How can we influence our awareness, our choices on a specific route, how can we enrich our everyday journey? Once a person is shown or discovers something new on their journey, a new dimension is formed and their journey is forever changed.

Winner Announcement

Ultimately, it came down to that simple requirement of the brief, ‘we want to be inspired and delighted’. Team 6’s ‘abstract’ statement that ‘the everyday doesn’t need enrichment, it’s our awareness that needs improvement’ was arresting. Of course this is true - that living is for today, now, in the everyday. All proposals touched on this, sought to extract this, but Team 6’s ‘can you see me?’ frame which provoked passers by on the Quays to pause their journey and be ‘delighted’ was the purest articulation of this. Their methodology was impeccable. These guys came prepared, came from many design backgrounds and will do us proud in Helsinki.
- PIVOT Dublin