PARKS / Farmleigh Gallery / Dublin 2017
Client: Office of Public Works
Role: Exhibition Designer

Graphic Design: Jurga Rakauskaite (OPW)
Curators: Dr John McCullen (OPW) & Rheme Fordham (Hearsum Collection


An exhibition on behalf of the OPW, the Hearsum Collection and the Royal Parks of London, exploring the Phoenix Park and the Royal Parks of London.

Exhibition Design

The exhibition design played with the idea of parks as enclosures/boundaries to inform the movement of visitors through the exhibition, creating an engaging environment to understand the exhibition content.

As the exhibition content from the 9 parks was curated within 5 categories, it was important to ensure that visitors were able to easily navigate the exhibition, and understand that they were learning about all the parks together.

This was achieved by marking the beginning of each zone with a boundary in the form of wooden cedar frames. These frames accommodated graphic panels and housed exhibition content such as postcards, glass slides and stereoviews that needed to be viewed from both sides.

From a practical point of view, building these structures allowed for additional content to be hung on the gallery walls. They were also freestanding to accommodate the next venue that the exhibition travelled to in London.

The strategy of combining the exhibition content from all the parks together in a salon style hang emphasised the nature of the exhibition, shared heritage and collaboration.